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SERENE SHOWER GEL | best shower gel for men & women | balances skin pH

210ml / 7.1 fl.oz.

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A gentle body wash gel that balances skin pH. Skin starts gleaming instantly.

  • ● Works unlike other shower gels that simply lather up on the skin surface.
  • ● A bathing experience that will leave you mesmerized throughout the day, and relaxed at the end of a tiring day, whichever way you like it!
  • ● An uplifting fragrance that'll soothe your skin and your senses at once!
  • ● Customers have rated it as one of the best smelling body washes!
Water, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Coacmidipropyl, Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Glycerine, Acrylates Copolymer, PEG7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Polyquat 7, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Lemon Extract, Rice Water Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Fragrance, Triethanolamine, Sodium Gluconate
KEY ACTIVES: Rice Water + Lemon Extract + Ginger Root Extract


Dermatologically tested in-house and in an independent lab.


Free from harmful ingredients | No animal-derived ingredients | Not tested on animals


Our formulators have 15+ years of experience, working with thousands of ingredients and formulating hundreds of skincare products.


Made in India | All plastic and paper can be responsibly recycled | Manufacturing facility is certified as following Good Manufacturing Practices.


70% of waste water generated is treated before releasing / reusing | Zero water pollution!

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Step 1: Take a few drops of shower gel on a wet loofah.

Step 2: Lather up & massage all over the body.

Step 3: Rinse off & pat dry.


Skincare superheroes to rock your skincare journey!

Why C-T-M-P?

Follow this basic minimal skin routine to keep your skin safe from dullness, dryness, oiliness, acne, early signs of ageing, environmental factors like pollution.

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In order to create a non-drying body wash gel that cleanses the skin gently but effectively, it was essential to avoid the use of any sulphates in the product.
The product is pH-balanced and hence protects the skin’s natural acid mantle.

The ginger rhizome has several constituents that have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it an extremely effective cleansing active ingredient.

The shower gel has a non-drying effect on the skin and a refreshing floral fragrance. Suitable for use by men and women.

Beware of harmful skincare ingredients



Silicones are used in beauty products to give them a soft & smooth texture, and are known to make the product water resistant. Hence, they're commonly used in sunscreens, moisturizers & face makeup products that claim to be waterproof. 

However, in doing so, they form a barrier on skin that traps oil, sebum & other impurities. This buildup causes enlarged pores, which get clogged with blackheads & whiteheads.Jaivique's skincare products are thus silicone free & non comedogenic.


These are a group of related chemicals that are added to cosmetic products as preservatives, as they prevent the formation of harmful mold & bacteria. However, they are known to disturb hormonal function, cause reproductive toxicity and increase the risk of breast cancer.

For all these reasons, Jaivique products are paraben free.


These are surfactants, i.e. they enable face washes, shower gels, soaps, shampoos etc. form a rich lather. They bind with oil & dirt, thus enabling them to get washed off easily with water.However, sulphates are known to cause skin irritation, inflammation & sensitivity. They have also been found to be responsible for skin diseases such as contact dermatitis.

Due to these reasons, all of Jaivique's products are sulphate-free.

Mineral Oils

A cheaper yet highly effective & long-lasting moisturizing ingredient, however it is derived from petroleum. It also regulates the viscosity of beauty product formulations.Dermatologists claim that this ingredient doesn't cause any skin damage. But it is derived from petroleum, a non-renewable source of energy.

Hence, as a clean & conscious beauty brand, Jaivique products are mineral oil free.

Propylene Glycol

A commonly used emollient as it prevents loss of water by forming an oily barrier over the skin's surface. It is also added to products to reduce their thickness.However, it has been linked to skin irritation & contact dermatitis in case one is found to be allergic to it.

For this reason, Jaivique products are free from propylene glycol.


This substance is known to boost the shelf life of cosmetics & personal care products as it prevents contamination from bacteria. It has been found to trigger allergic reactions in the form of rashes & irritation.

Jaivique products are formaldehyde free.

Artificial Colours 

Known to clog pores by disturbing the skin's oil balance, the use of artificial colors in cosmetics has been linked to acne, blemishes, skin irritation & skin redness.

Due to these reasons, Jaivique products are free from artificial colors.


Hydroquinone has been known to be a skin-lightening agent, due to which it is used in products meant for treating hyperpigmentation. However, theover usage of this ingredient has been found to trigger a toxic reaction on melanocytes, which can force them to regroup. This can result in higher melanin production, thus causing hyperpigmentation, inflammation & redness.

Jaivique products are hydroquinone free.

Butylated hydroxyanisole

Butylated hydroxyanisole is commonly used as an antioxidant & preservative for cosmetics, food, packaging & other products. However, it had been found to be a possible carcinogen. It is also known to break down the body's essential vitamins and negatively impact hormone function. 

Jaivique products are butylated hydroxyanisole free.

Aluminium compounds

Added to cosmetics/skincare products to thicken them & increase their absorption. However, since aluminium is a pro-oxidant (opposite of antioxidant), it can actually increase oxidation in the skin, thus speeding up aging.Hence, Jaivique products are free from aluminium compounds.

Plastic microbeads

These are added to cleansing products for gentle exfoliation to make skin look glossy. However, plastic microbeads can cause tiny abraisons in skin, which can let in harmful bacteria that cause acne, inflammation, dark spots & rapid aging. In addition, plastic microbeads are very harmful to the environment.

Jaivique products are free from plastic microbeads.


Talc is normally added to cosmetics to improve their consistency, prevent them from caking up & absorb moisture. However, in case it is inhaled, it can cause respiratory & lung disorders. Hence, it is best avoided.

Jaivique products are talc free.


What are shower gels?

Shower gels are products in liquid form, normally packaged in bottles or tubes, which are used instead of soap for bathing.

Shower gels are formulated with ingredients that are very mild yet effective on skin for cleansing, as opposed to soap that tends to be very harsh. A shower gel works through emulsification - it loosens the bond between dirt and our skin. This dirt binds with the foaming bubbles of the shower gel and gets rinsed off when washed with water.

The best shower gel is one that has been formulated without the use of sulphates, or sls, as these chemicals tend to dry out the skin. Sls is responsible for the foaming of soaps, shower gels, shampoos & other foaming products. However, it strips the skin of natural oil & hydration and leaves the skin dry & stretchy.

The ideal ingredients required for a shower gel to deep cleanse, refresh skin and restore skin pH without drying it out are rice water, ginger root extract & lemon extract. These ingredients provide deep hydration, sooth skin irritation & sensitive as well as brighten the skin. Lemon is a powerful cleanser with vitamin C, known to cleanse without disturbing the skin's pH, ginger root is a powerful antiseptic & anti-bacterial, and rice water has been used since ancient times for skin hydration, firming & anti-ageing.

Check out the Jaivique Serene Shower Gel suitable for men & women, and formulated for all skin types.

How to use/how to apply shower gel?

The most efficient & cost-effective way of using a shower gel is by adding a few drops of it to a wet loofah/bath sponge.

Squeeze the loofah/bath sponge gently to lather up. Now, wet your body and apply it all over with the help of this loofah, and wash off with plain/warm water.

If you don't use a loofah or bath sponge, you will end up consuming a larger quantity of product, and it may not rinse off as easily. However, with a wet loofah, you will need only 2-3 drops of shower gel for your whole body.

Check out the Jaivique Serene Shower Gel suitable for men & women, and formulated for all skin types.

What is the difference between body wash and shower gel?

On the whole, both products - shower gel & body wash - serve the same purpose, that is, they cleanse the body.

However, a shower gel is a transparent product with a thicker gel-like consistency. On the other hand, a body wash can be more liquid & opaque (there are transparent body washes too), but it's consistency is more or less similar to liquid soap.

Shower gels & body washes of different brands are formulated differently to cater to various skin types, so check the product label for ingredients & skin type before you pick yours.

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