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Sweat and Spots: How to Avoid Greasy Skin and Acne While Working Out

Sweat and Spots: How to Avoid Greasy Skin and Acne While Working Out

JaiLove Exercising? Here's How You can Avoid Sweat Induced Post Workout Greasy Skin and Acne...

Are you a fitness freak who loves to hit the gym to achieve weight management and overall health goals? Exercise helps in lessening stress, that reduces the chances of stress-induced fine lines and wrinkles, and acne. 

While regular exercise and nutritious food can be huge contributors to making our skin healthy and radiant, one thing that annoys most of us is post-workout sweat that invites greasy skin. Also, it can also cause growth of bacteria that result in acne.

Greasy skin is often a menace to manage as it is more prone to blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and breakouts. Dust and other impurities easily stick on the surface of oily face. So what can be done to avoid greasy skin and spots after a hard and sweaty workout?

First & foremost, let's understand a bit more about acne first with the help of these Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs:

Why acne and pimples are common in adolescence?

During adolescence, our body undergoes rapid hormonal changes, which causes our oil glands to get activated and over stimulated. This results in excess oil and dust and dead skin getting deposited on the surface of the skin, thereby causing acne and pimples.  
Can acne scars be removed?
Some acne scars are pretty stubborn, hence may not be that easy to remove, however, it is possible to erase them. Yet, you need to identify the acne types for determining the right treatment. Certain lactic acid peels, AHAs, and retinoids have proven to be efficient in treatment of scars. If these do not work, you may talk to your dermatologist for advanced treatment such as steroid injection, skin needling, or surgery.
How acne is formed? Why oily skin is prone to acne?
Acne is formed when excess oil, dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria settle in the opening of hair follicles, thus clogging your pores. These clogged pores may become inflamed and result in pimples. Thus, excessive sweating after a workout may make the surface of the facial skin sticky, making it easier for dust and dirt to settle in.
Will acne scars go away? Can acne scars be removed permanently?
Yes, they may be removed permanently if the right kind of treatment is taken. It depends upon the age of the scar and the damage it has caused. 

Why acne occurs mostly on face?
Acne occurs on face, chest, back, and shoulders too as these areas have more sebaceous glands than other areas. They are more visible on the face as it is the most exposed part to external irritants.

 What causes oily skin?
Our skin contains sebaceous glands that are responsible for production of oil to keep the skin hydrated. However, overproduction of sebum may result in excessive oil on the face.

How much SPF is good for oily skin?
For oily skin, check whether sunscreen is labeled as non comedogenic, i.e., it does not block your pores. Choose a sunscreen with a SPFA of 30 or above. However, it is crucial to find one that does not add more oil or stickiness to the surface of your skin.

Check out the Jaivique Sun Safe SPF45 enriched with raspberries, carrot extract, shea butter & a combination of other non-comedogeinc ingredients to provide broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection and effectively reverse sun damage.
Will moisturizer help oily skin?
You skin is an organ that needs hydration. You may wonder whether a moisturizer will add to the stickiness. However, remember that dehydrated skin may result in more breakouts as the body will produce more oil for protection. A fast-absorbing moisturizer that does not contain petroleum, mineral oil, or cocoa butter are ideal for oily skin.

Check out the Jaivique Hydrating Face Gel. Enriched with sea buckthorn, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, this water-based gel provides deep hydration to oily & acne-prone skin without clogging pores. 
You should not let acne reduce your spirit for exercising as it can be a pathway to good health and reduced stress levels. With a little bit of effort on hygiene, you can take care of post-workout acne.

Check out the following tips that have been recommended by dermatologists:

Dress appropriately
Wear loose fitting clothes that are comfortable for work out and do not stick to your skin often. Breathable and flexible fabric that will absorb the heat is ideal. 

No Makeup 
Do not wear makeup before hitting the gym. Sweat and heat may cause pores to open up, causing makeup particles to settle in them, thus resulting in breakouts.

Clean gym equipment
Hygiene is crucial, especially since we live in the era of pandemic. Sanitize gym equipment before use as their surface may be a thriving ground for bacteria. Avoid touching your face while working out, since you will be transferring the bacteria on your hands to your face.

Shower after workout
While working out, use a clean moist towel to wipe your sweat. Remember to not rub your face too harshly as it may irritate your skin. Use a gentle shower gel and make sure to take a shower with lukewarm water. This will help you get rid of the sweat and other dirt and without letting it settle in your skin pores. 

Moisturizer for greasy skin should ideally be lightweight and water-based solution, such as the Jaivique Hydrating Face Gel. Remember that dehydrated skin tends to become more oily as the body compensates by producing more sebum. Hence, do not skip this step.

If you have acne-prone skin, you must opt for a face cleanser formulated with gentle ingredients that deep cleanses without drying out your skin. Check out the Foam-Free Face Cleanser for deep pore cleansing, and follow it up with the Tranquil Toner to refresh your skin & reduce the size of your pores to control surface oiliness. The Sun Safe SPF45 is a non-comedogenic sunscreen and doesn't cause breakouts. Last but not the least, use a gel-based moisturizer under sunscreen post cleansing & toning, as well as night for deep nourishment & hydration.

Remember that hygiene plays a key role if you wish to avoid greasy skin and spots caused by a workout.

Nevertheless, do not give up on your exercise regime and keep reading this space for such useful tips. 


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