Sleep - How much do you need & how to fall asleep faster?

Sleep - How much do you need & how to fall asleep faster?

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Get that beauty sleep!

Although you must have used this statement humorously, there is nothing more truthful than this. The secret to beautiful skin is good quality sleep. However, modern day stress and work schedules have hampered our sleep routines, causing many sleep-related issues such as insomnia.

Just like that dose of nutritious food, sleep is essential for glowing skin. An adult needs as much as7 hoursof sleep during the night time for general well-being. Yet, there is less importance given to it as much as we do on our skin care regime. Remember that skincare products would work best when combined with good diet, exercise and adequate amount of sleep.

Lack of it may cause hyper pigmentation and dull skin as it may cause the skin to age sooner. Besides, it may make you mentally and physically exhausted making your suffer from frequent bouts of mood swings. 

So how can we walk our way to getting that quality sleep? Check out these FAQs to understand more about sleep cycle and how to set our timetable in action:


How much sleep do adults need?

A lot depends on your age. Ideally, adult sleep hours for those between 18 and 60 years of age are at least 7 hours every night. For those aged between 61 to 64 years, recommended hours of sleep may vary between 7 to 9 hours.

However, along with duration, quality of sleep is equally important as restless sleep may not contribute to good health.

How to stop interrupted sleep?

Do you suffer from broken sleep every night? Interrupted sleep may make you cranky and irritable, making it difficult to remember and focus. Besides, the next day is spent in fatigue.

Here are a few changes that you can implement to improve the quality of your sleep:
1. If you suffer from interrupted sleep, you must first monitor your sleep cycle.
2. Avoid electronic devices or doing rigorous exercises before bedtime as it may act as a stimulant.
3. Do not have meals just before bed time as it may hamper your sleep time.
4. Try and relax by reading a book or meditating.
5. Do not consume drinks, such as tea or coffee, late in the evening, as they may stimulate your body.
6. Avoid engaging in volatile arguments or dealing with stressful situations just before or closer to bedtime, as this is a sure shot way to disturbed sleep.

Why can't I sleep at night but can during the day?

Some people suffer from sleep disorders that may result in more daytime sleepiness. It may become difficult to work, drive, remember things, and this is also likely to affect your relationships.

This may cause excessive dependence on caffeine to keep yourself going. This results in increased urge to sleep during the daytime.

Why do I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep?

More exposure to blue and green light through electronic devices such as TV, mobile phones, and tablets may put you on an alert mode. Avoid using them closer to your bedtime.

Make sure your bed is comfortable. Listening to quiet music or reading a hardbound book with just enough lights can make a huge difference.

Even working late may trigger your brain into action. Resist that urge to check your phone or alarm to see the time since if may hamper your sleep cycle, making it difficult to fall asleep again.

How to make your face glow in the morning?

Follow a skin care routine religiously. Choose skin care that is conducive for your skin type and in accordance to the weather.

You may use the Jaivique Deep Moisturizer enriched with Bakuchiol (natural alternative to Retinol) & Cica (centella asiatica - a miracle skin-healing ingredient) at night and wake up to a glowing skin after a peaceful sleep.

After you wake up in the morning, wash your face first and cleanse it. Later, do not forget to hydrate it with a Face Toner & Face Gel.

How to look healthy and glowing?

Drink ample water throughout the day and ensure that you include leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Limit intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, sodas, and other caffeinated beverages containing sugar, especially after 6 pm.

Sound and adequate sleep for around 7 hours is crucial for skin regeneration. Adopt a soothing skincare routine and use skin care products that are gentle on your skin, which lets it breathe without creating a greasy residue.

What causes mood swings and anger?

Lack of sleep may result in hormonal disturbances, making you feel angry and irritated in general. You may not be able to focus on your work and carry out daily activities with vigor.

Various studies have indicated that even partial sleep deprivation may result in making you irritable and negative. Furthermore, sleeplessness may be a sign of something serious, such as depression or anxiety.

What causes behavior and mood changes in an adult?

There could be a myriad of factors contributing to behavior and mood changes among adults.

Stress is a part of modern day lifestyle. This results in constant mood changes and disturbed sleep pattern.

Many people construe sleep as a luxury not realizing its importance in maintaining cognitive and physical health.

Sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity for good health. Being mindful of your sleep pattern may help improve its quality and contribute towards building a healthy body and soul.

Consult a doctor if you feel that you are in need of help. Remember, that peaceful sleep is the secret ingredient for glowing skin.

Last but not the least, curate a sound skincare routine wtih Jaivique's science-backed skincare products with carefully chosen actives that actually work wonders to reveal the skin of your dreams!

Until then, hope you get a good night's rest every day. What is the night time regime you follow?

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