Rice Water Skincare - A Korean Glass Skin Secret!

Rice Water Skincare - A Korean Glass Skin Secret!

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A face wash is a necessary skin routine that helps maintain your skin and cleans all the impurities such as dust, dirt, sweat, sebum, and makeup on the surface of your skin. Most of the times, we use regular soap on our face, which often robs our face of its necessary moisture and dries it out, making it feel irritated. Every time we wash our face, the pH balance of our facial skin is disturbed, which makes it necessary to use a face wash that will restore the pH balance of our skin.

A lot of us fall prey to marketing gimmicks and end up choosing face cleansers that do more harm than good to our skin. To add to the confusion, there are just too many of them available in the market. Although we are spoilt for choice, it is crucial that you do some research and pick the one that will suit you. Hence, follow these pointers while picking up a face cleanser.

Choose a face wash that is:
1) Hypoallergenic
2) Either fragrance free or contains fragrances that are IFRA-certified
3) Chemical-free
4) Alcohol-free
5) Does not contain foaming agents, especially sulphates & sles.

We understand that you must be having a lot of questions surrounding it. Let's check out the FAQs regarding rice water:


Is rice water good for skin?

Absolutely yes! It is rich in amino acids, minerals & antioxidants, which helps improve skin elasticity and erase signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin..

It has been traditionally used in Japan and Korea for improving skin quality and making hair strong and beautiful. It helps make you skin radiant and soothes it from damage caused by harsh sunlight, including skin irritation, inflammation, and rashes. Besides, it has an astringent effect that helps reduce the occurrence of acne. The starch content in rice also helps improve skin health. 

How to use rice water for skincare?

It is possible to get this Korean glass skin routine naturally at home. Just follow these simple steps:

There are various ways you can use rice water for skin care:

1) Soaking

Soak almost half a cup of water in 3 cups of water for approximately half an hour. ·

2) Boiling

Cook rice by using exactly twice the amount of water as that of rice. Strain the water and store it in a container. You may refrigerate the excess. Add the rice water to foot soak, bath, or on as a toner.

To harness the benefits of this rice water cleanser, you can apply some amount of it every day on your face. You may even freeze it in a ice tray and gently massage your face every morning. Amazingly, it may also work as a sunscreen.

How to get Korean glass skin?

Korean glass skin is a term used to describe clear, nonporous and dewy skin that appears as translucent as glass.

To achieve this flawless skin, many people are incorporating Korean glass skin products in their skin care routine. Rice water is a popularly used ingredient in their products, as it is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from radical damage caused by external pollutants.

You need to follow a routine meticulously, which includes double cleansing of your face, exfoliating without causing irritation to the skin, and using a toner and serum that improves skin health. Also, you must never skip sunscreen wile stepping out. 

Check out the JaiviqueSun Safe SPF45cream enriched with Raspberries, Carrot Extract & Shea Butter for sun protection & skin repair post sun exposure.

What is dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is the one that is itchy, dry, and flaky. When your skin does not get enough hydration, it becomes dull.

However, it is different than dry skin, since this type of skin produces less than required sebum. On the other hand, dehydrated skin lacks water.

Noticeable signs of dehydrated skin is dark circles, itchiness, fine lines, and wrinkles that are more visible. Rice water can come handy in preventing skin dryness and conditions such as atopic dermatitis & eczema. Try Jaivique'sRice Water for HydrationRange of products formulated with rice water and other clinically tested & proven actives. They effectively cleanse skin without drying it out, tighten pores, even out skin tone, and soothe irritation. Most importantly, they deeply hydrate & moisturize the skin as well as reduce the appearance of signs of ageing.

How to treat dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is temporary and can be fixed if addressed at the right time.

Some lifestyle changes and the right topical skin care products can work wonders to get the nourishment and moisture your skin needs. First of all, ensure that you include lots of water and fluids in your diet. Avoid caffeinated drinks in case you're suffering from it.

To treat it, use a gentle cleanser that will hydrate your skin without clogging your pores. Adopt a healthy skin care routine taking into consideration your lifestyle, habits, weather, and other parameters. Talk with your dermatologist if the problem persists and your skin still feels dry and itchy after making these changes.

Although no side effect has been reported, fresh rice water would most probably not affect your skin. However, it is recommended to do a patch test before you apply it on your face.

Rice Water for Hydration

Rice water has been used since ancient times in Japan and Korea. It is known to tighten skin, minimize pores and help soothe skin.


So, have you given this "not-so-well-guarded" Korean glass skin secret a try? Check out the Jaivique Rice Water For Hydration range below:

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