How to Reduce Skin Oiliness?

How to Reduce Skin Oiliness?

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Suffering From Oily Skin? These Tips May Help...

Ever wondered why your skin looks shiny and greasy sometimes? Our skin contains sebaceous glands that get activated whenever the skin faces dehydration. However, too much sebum may tend to make the skin look oily, which eventually clogs your skin, thereby inviting issues such as acne.

If your skin looks oily most of the time, this means that it naturally tends to produce more sebum. Apart from this, genetic and environmental factors may contribute too in making your skin look oily.

 Are you aware that your lifestyle may also influence the oiliness of your skin? Intake of dairy or too much processed foods may make your skin look oily. Hence, subtle changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in making your skin look less greasy.

So, how to reduce skin oiliness? Here are some tips that can help you get rid of that unwanted oil on your face. Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about oily skin:


What causes oily skin?

As mentioned above, skin oiliness is nothing but excess production of sebum, a natural oil produced by our skin. Besides, genetics, age, environmental changes, and climate equally contribute to the production of oil. For instance, people who stay in hot and humid climate tend to have more oily skin. This leads to clogging of pores and allows dirt and dust to settle in, giving rise to blackheads, acne, or, pimples.

How to get rid of oily skin permanently?

Oily skin is a common phenomenon, however, with some effort , it is possible that production of excessive oil be curbed.

Being mindful about your skincare regime, using the right moisturizer, and avoiding harsh foaming skincare products can prove to be the best oily skin care tips. Make cleaning your face a regular habit and be careful about what you consume.

Stress may also add to sebum production. Try meditation and breathing techniques to keep stress at bay. Also, in case home remedies and lifestyle changes do not work, you may consult your dermatologist and opt for hormonal therapy.

How to control oily face during the day?

Remember to wash your face two times a day with a cleanser that helps balance your skin pH to ensure that your skin is not robbed of the essential oils.

Next, use an astringent toner to tighten your pores and prevent clogging. Toner for oily skin should be chosen wisely. Do not use one that would over exfoliate your skin, making it dry and eventually inviting more sebum production.

Furthermore, avoid alcohol-based products and check out the ingredient list first to rule out for any allergies.

Use water-based face washes that would nourish as well as hydrate your skin. Do not use oil-based make up as it may make your face look even more greasy. Do not use face powder too generously as it may clog your pores.

While stepping out during the day, do not forget to use sunscreen.

How to take care of oily skin?

Follow the steps mentioned above for taking care of oily skin during the day time.

At bedtime, remove your makeup and follow the same routine of cleansing your face and using a mild toner. Use a gel-based eye creamand apply it on your under eye area before bed time. 

How to take care of oily skin home remedies?

Washing your face: First and foremost, do not forget to wash you face twice a day, once during the morning and once during bedtime.

How to choose face wash for oily skin? Do not opt for strong face scrubbers as they may rob your skin of moisture triggering your skin to produce more sebum. ·

Moisturize your skin: A common myth is moisturizer may cause your skin to become more oily. Learn how to choose the right moisturizer for oily skin. Ensure that your skin is well hydrated by moisturizing it often.

Do not use creams that contain wax, oils, or petroleum as it may cause your pores to clog. Find lightweight water-based moisturizers.

Avoid sugary drinks: Consuming too much sugary foods or dairy products may trigger acne. Include fresh and seasonal fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet for radiant and youthful skin.

How to treat oily acne prone skin naturally?

As mentioned above, there are various steps you can to take care of acne caused by oily skin.

In case you have been sweating a lot due to the humid weather, carry a cleansing cloth that will help quickly wipe your face to keep the pores clean.

Natural and home-made clay masks may also make a difference.

Use honey to seal the skin's natural moisture and also protect it from bacteria.

How to take care of oily skin with large pores?

Oil gets clogged in the pores inviting dirt to settle in, to form blackheads, pimples, and acne. Use a skin toner that will shrink the pores and sooth the skin naturally.

Use a gentle and non-comedogenic (one that will not clog your pores) cleanser daily. Avoid using hot water for washing your face as it may cause inflammation, making your pores look larger.

Identifying what works for your skin to look youthful takes time and effort. Take advantage of our broad range of foam-free face cleansers, gels, and toners that nourish and soothe the skin without creating excess oil production.

The Jaivique Oily Intense set has all you need for oily skin care - cleanser, toner & hydrating face gel. These products work to tighten pores, reduce surface oiliness & hydrate oily skin without leaving any residue, making it look plump and radiant.

Hope you find the above tips useful. If you suffer from oily skin, what oily skin care regime works best for you?

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